1  x Hour

Womanly Style Package 


Does your wardrobe make you feel happy and excited to get dressed each day? 

Do you ask yourself why can't I fit into these clothes, you have tried on about 10 and nothing is working or exciting you. 

Think you might go on a diet on Monday........... Monday comes and you feel okay so do it next week? If you have felt like this and keep giving yourself a hard time because your wardrobe is not working for you. 

Personal Stylist's are not only for the rich and famous, they are for ordinary people like you and me, if something isn't working in your body you go to the doctor, you feel a little anxious agitated you go and have a massage, problem solved. 

Do you want to feel excited when you go to your wardrobe?  Knowing that whatever you

reach for is going to look and feel amazing for you. 

Knowing  body shape and knowing what you love to wear will help your self esteem make you feel super  confident and happy to take on the day. 

, refresh recharge your existing clothes so that they can have a whole new meaning and vitality to them. 

My package will help you with a strategy on Creating combinations

discuss with you how to set out your wardrobe for success

and help you with styles that will work for your size and shape. 

Follow this link to book and Fall in Love again with yourself and your clothes. :- 

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3 x One Hour


All of You 


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6 x One Hour The Whole Woman 



Love You! 

You are Beautiful 

learn to embrace You. 

Love everything 

in your Wardrobe 

Lucia Peters 

Supporting Women to Love themselves!

Lucia has been helping women with their wardrobes and dressing them for many years.  She owns and operates Follow Your Style to assist women embrace the body shape they have and to dress with their existing wardrobes. Helping Women to discover how to love their wardrobes and love themselves.

During this discovery women also get to understand the reasons for why they feel the way they do and be given strategies 

to love their beautiful amazing sexy bodies, simply as they are in this time.  

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