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Enabling you to shop till you drop, is not an understatement, with these destinations. 

February 2020 saw us in Bangkok Thailand, our clients experienced amazing sights smells and the 

destination was a most enlightening one, as in the enormous availability of anything you required when

it came to Garments. 

Our guides have  experience in many different cultures as they have travelled and shopped all over

the Globe. Lucia Peters has helped many women create a Life and Style for themselves. connecting women

with their emotions has enabled her to help women  identify triggers and help them to gain a positive body 

image which helps with their confidence and how they dress.  When we arrive at the destination we immediately begin our wardrobe shopping list for the client. Planning immediately for any extras they may want as well.  

Adrienne Francis owns and operates a Boutique from their she has created a vast network of

contacts, from one end of the city to the other.  With these connections and contacts, she will take

the boutique owner or shopper to the relevant shops and outlets that she has learnt and gained experience 

with for over 20 years.  Our next destination is Bangkok once more in July. If you are interested in travel

and shopping to this or other destinations and would like companions. Fill in the details and we will  Add 

you to our Wait List. 

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