6 Week Steps to Your Success Masterclass!

Updated: Jul 25

Ready to make a commitment To you? 

Join this Empowered group of Women who desire

change in their lives.

They have wisdom and knowledge yet they are no

quite sure where to begin.

This Masterclass is not for you if you cannot stay focused

on tasks and implement them into your Business or Future Business.

Women who desire to be seen as Leaders. women who are action takers

they will step out of their comfort zones to learn and challenge themselves

to do and achieve their personal and professional desired outcomes.

In the 6 Weeks of the Masterclass we will be taking a look at some

serious, beliefs that can stop women from achieving much of what

they desire in life.

Mindset is the single most important component of any business journey,

your personal beliefs and thoughts affect much of the outcomes, and where

you are at right now.

Want to shift some of the energy that is holding you back from becoming

a Leader Expert and taking the attention with Confidence, then this is the

Masterclass for you.

Marketing how many times have you began on a journey in social media

only to get to that certain point and the coach and mentor is unable to take

you any further, understanding and recognising this fact in any part of your

journey in Marketing is key, how do you get recognised initially then how do you

go to that next level, scaling. This is when understanding your own journey and

the clients journey is Key.

Branding Style, as a stylist and coach bringing to you the importance of being seen

as the leader, demanding the attention on your platform. Is important just as important

is the congruency between how you present and your brand style is seen, is this reflective

of you?

You will have group coaching each week for one hour,,

Followed by personal coaching for half an hour per week, we can discuss any of the

aspects of the business during this time.

Excited to offer this Masterclass to you.

We begin Tuesday the 17th August.

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