Style Jumpsuits : Easy solutions

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Jump suits come in all shapes and styles currently. My recommendation is to consider the event or function that you will be wearing this garment to.

Love jumpsuits, so many styles and choices for you in this current Season, and they are going to be around for quite some time, particularly because of the styling which suits most body shapes and sizes.

A couple of points to consider when buying this garments :
Firstly be sure of the types of openings ie buttons , zippers, ties, all of these require consideration as you will find if you do not do some homework.

Consider all the options when purchasing. Recently I bought a beautiful Navy boiler suit, stylish, and thought it would serve me as a go too, was I wrong. Buttons all down the front of the garment and a self tie, my dilemma was that if I had a drink as you do when you go to events, it can be quite difficult to get out of a jumpsuit quickly.

The next purchase for a wedding was a beautiful black with apricot flowers sleeveless lovely and cool, very stylish. My dilemma with this jumpsuit was that it had a zipper down the back. Imagine my horror at a garden wedding finally finding a toilet only to realise that I needed someone to unzip me, lol.

Third jumpsuit is my go to always, it is linen beautiful for the Australian climate, ties up on the shoulder quite a large V front & back but it has a zipper on the side for ease of access, love this garment I pop a pretty sheer lace top under, or a soft Japanese silk top with light billowy sleeves, which is both elegant and light elegant and comfortably stylish.

As you can see, Jumpsuits are Fantastic as a Style Trend.

Be aware of these small style differences and be also aware of where you will be wearing the garment, as these factors have a huge bearing on your overall comfort and enjoyment of the outfit, and the occasion. For more style tips and information, join me in my private membership group @followyourstyle on Facebook and Instagram. I am giving away 4 lucky Styling Sessions to you lovely readers. Make your time to discuss these solutions now.

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