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Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Hello hello lovely women, happy 4th July to our American family.

To celebrate 4th July I have put together a quick and easy to read

guide for you to use. This could be taken shopping in your handbag

if you have a particular garment that you are looking for. Or simply as a guide

in your wardrobe when trying to put an outfit together.

There are more variables to styling, but this is the basics and will help and

assist you to see there really is only 5 body types and our body weight has an

influence on the size we wear. The style of a garment can enhance how

the garment will look on you, so you can feel confident attractive and reflect your

life and style.

We have a special 4th July offer of a complimentary Styling session for 45 minutes, After your styling session you will receive your Free Body Shape Guide.

as a gift from me to you.

Here is the link:

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