Pantone Colour for 2020

Interesting colour choice of Pantone for 2020 Classic Blue. You will see a lot of this colour particularly in accessories this year. A welcome colour in Australia as it can be a calming and cooling tone for our warm enviroment.

You will see many accents and variants in this colour in 2020, the resurchance of Denim, denim on denim has never particularly gone out of style but had gone out of fashion so for truely stylish ladies, they have continued to wear this fabulous combination. As you can see is this gorgeous brocade blouse just the hints of this amazing blue is enough to raise the outfit to the next level, I hope you have kept some of your blues.

Nay sayers are commenting that Pantone has got the colour all wrong for this year, what do you think? My opinion is that it is rather refreshing and makes a style statement when worn as an accessory or statement garment.

I am looking forward to sharing with you the trends and where this colour is going to take us this coming year. Be sure to keep following to see creative ways of accenting and combining with your fashion items.

As you can see in these images pantone blue is elegant in its simplicity. Imprints and calming restful psyches, brings us a sense of peace to the human spirit.

Reading from the pantone blog they believe we are living in a time that requires trust and faith. This colour brings forward a sense of constancy and confidence. Blue encourages to look beyond the obvious and expand our thinking, challenges us to think more deeply, increase our perspective.

So much drawn from the colour of our bountiful sky, hence I guess the term the sky's the limit, or is it?

If you are wondering how to incorporate this amazing colour to your wardrobe contact your stylist who can give you a few simple hands on ways to add this amazing pantone for 2020.

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