Our year is half over.

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

It is hard to believe that we are in the middle of July already. Have you been able

to cope with the emotional roller-coaster that the pandemic has presented to us?

I have spoken to many women mothers wives and business owners and most were

enjoying the quietness, although many did mention the fact with everyone at home

the role of the woman in the house was somewhat demanding for some.

We have had a real opportunity to implement change in our lives both on a personal and professional level.

Women have an infinite wisdom, which I believe, we have become much stronger in a united sense during our time of lockdown, women empathise and want to be change facilitators.

Which, brings me to the discussion I have had with many business owners,( mostly women but a few men in that group) around how we present ourselves as the representative's of our personal business every day?

Some have said, that with the media tools we are only seeing the top half of our bodies, so why do we need to get dressed for success so to speak. Although this is true, I do believe that it is a wise choice to get up dress up and prepare for your day with intention and ready for Action. We can become somewhat complacent when we do not make effort, and this relates to all aspects of ourselves as individuals, with complacency we become sloppy, and this reflects. We find we get easily distracted, we begin to slip in our appearance, this is all viewed by clients and business associates, this is the difference between a hobby and a business.

How can you make changes, what can you implement to be more diligent around your appearance.

A number of decisions can change to make the positive outcomes possible for you

  • Plan what you will wear the night before, you will be able to put the question of what will I wear to bed and no longer allow it to bother you. One less thing for you to think about.

  • Get to bed early, no electronics in your bedroom.

  • Finish all work on mobile devices by 9.30 allow your mind to rest.

  • Wake early, reduce your intake of coffee.

  • Make a drink of lemon water, or herbal tea.

  • Shower freshen up, go for a short walk.

  • Get dressed ready for your day.

  • With rest and time out you will be refreshed and no longer distracted.

People will make their decision about you within the first 30 seconds of being introduced,

make that introduction valuable this person just well may be your next big client.

So you can feel sexy attractive and confident with what you wear or choose to wear,

book a styling session so we can put a strategy in place for you to get the best out of your

wardrobe and impress the next future clients you may have.

Join me here for a complimentary style session to discuss Brand/Style dilemmas

With Grace and Love

Luca xxx

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