My love of style

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Why I do what I love, everything fashion mindset fun and Travel.

2020 has kicked off with a bang and excitement for many if you are blessed to still be holidaying enjoy this time to renew your energies and prepare for returning back to work.

Would having a balance in your work & lifestyle bring more harmony in your life. Lets work more on this together this year.

For 2020 I will be sharing with you Trends in fashion & style, keep balance in your life, understand how to bring more minimalism to your life. Lastly why I help you give yourself permission to embrace your body just the way it is.

A little about Lucia

Married with a grown family I have always loved fashion.

For me working and loving to shop and travel, goes hand in hand. I have helped so many people over the years with their style choices,sharing this knowledge now online is how I can help many more.

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