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Hey there everyone,

I hope you are all slowly getting used to the alternate dimension we seem to be existing in these days.

Do you busy yourself with family home schooling cooking cleaning etc, and wonder like I used to "is this all there is in life"? Do not get me wrong I love my family I love the companionship of a soul partner the thing is it seems, sometimes that I am doing it all.

Is this you?

Won't make too much drama, just get in and get it done etc. I once was this woman and I can tell you, whilst you keep giving your time your energy your all, it is taken.

Woman are slowly beginning to.realise that they need some quiet time for themselves, otherwise we can simply burnout yea burnout is real as a parent as a mother/nurturer, roles really need balance and shared.

So what do you do when you feel things getting to you?

I take my hat off to.women who are raising children alone by themselves, so much courage you are blessings to your families.

If you do get like this and the overwhelm is very real, reach out for assistance a helping hand there are groups etc in the community to help ask your family, friends, social or fitness group.communities are all networks for you.

In your immediate family perhaps it is time to let them know that you are not Wonder Woman (even though she looks amazing in her gym tights & power bracelets) and that each person needs to contribute.

If this continues it can be quite toxic for relationships and also for the children growing in an environment where they see this( it is not reality) it takes many people to create a community. Create yours.

Like to catch up and talk, on these subjects at all drop me a message or an email, so we can chat on ways to help you?

Look forward to another discussion soon, if there is a particular topic.you would like discussed, Next blog contact me @ followyouratyle01.com/

Blessings and Love

Lucia ❤️


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