How are Personal Stylist's Adapting their Business Model.

Interesting times as a Personal Stylist, during Covid 19 , I have found that it is futile trying

to shop and assist clients with purchasing of new clothing. This was almost 80% of our

business prior Covid19.

So how have I as a Stylist adapted?

Style I believe is not simply about dressing in great clothes.

There is so much more than that, as when you see an amazing portrait or painting the

canvas truly sings when all the aspects of the design come together.

I see females as a blank canvas their amazing bodies, are the canvas that we paint an

image on.

No we are not going to do any nude art body work or anything crazy, but ponder this for a

moment, when we are not content with the canvas or our bodies in this instance then it all

goes a bit array, would you agree.

It is almost impossible to feel comfortable and confident when you do not feel that way with

your body???

So as your Coach Stylist, during Covid 19 I have been empowering women to stand in their amazing bodies, pledge their love for their own bodies(after all we tell everyone else how great their bodies are). Implementing packages which encourage you amazing leaders to step up to your daily affirmations Mirror mantras and contracts that you as women will support and love all aspects of you as an individual. I have seen amazing transformations, both spiritually and physically, with more understanding about the constant conditioning that we as women experience and steps and strategies to overcome these beliefs and move forward as beautifully empowered Leaders.

If you would like more details on these packages contact Lucia.

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