Create a Style Mood Board

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Creating that mood board or vision board, helps you untap what you are really holding close to your heart your inner feelings. I have found over many style reviews when we begin the process of knowing what it is you like and don't, that you discover why your individuality has been lost along your life journey.

Now with boards like this it may not be for everyone, and that is okay too, some of us find style inspiration in other ways.

Do you have a style mentor or someone who you copy their Style.

Get yourself some magazines or style pages on social media, look through these and you are sure to discover some style icons that you are attracted too.

Armed with this type of style information you can either seek out your stylist to help you with creating your individual style choices or you can have a go at it yourself. Lots of fun can be had emulating anothers style, be very true to yourself and what you like and don't like, or you may run the risk of not being truly aligned to the style that you have created.

Can you create your style at 40, 50 60 or even 70?

You absolutely can and by this time you have a little idea about the types of styles you really like or not and then it is simply putting the finished selections all together so they speak or talk to one another.

Create a Signature Style for You.

This is why I love my job, helping you create your signature look.

A signature helps you to be recognized out and about or just every day, if you are a mum and have the running around and juggling all your roles of a family, or if you are self-employed and operate a small business having a signature look helps you to make garment choices simple, with your signature look it is very simple to feel confident and dressed to suit where ever you might be.

Get your signature look

As your stylist looking after your individual style is what it is all about, creating a look that is all about you, which helps you to feel confident and comfortable in whatever you wear. Follow this link below to make some time to chat with your stylist. Luciax

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