Crazy Corona

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Hello everybody

My thoughts & some writings, sharing how I have been coping and dealing with my Emotions at this time. The rollercoaster has been fluctuating from Fear, anxiety, overwhelm, and the what if scenario's.

Fear is manufactured by our minds to keep us in our safe cocoon.

When we allow Fear to shape our thoughts then we will not take action or move forward.

What can we do to reduce those concerns and fears, so we can move forward and not be frozen by the threat of all those unknowns?

Meditation walks along the beach gardening reading, dancing anything that takes

your mind away from those feelings. You will come forward with a clarity & objective, that will

not allow second guessing of what you are doing, because you have have had this time to think it through.

Nurturing your own self belief and self confidence, with love and kindness

Having a purpose and reason why we do what we do, gives us the opportunity to stay focused and clear about who we can serve. What if you have no purpose?

What is my purpose? I believe if you are thinking like this then, continue with what you are doing, keep believing in what you are doing, continue to serve who you are serving right now. It may be your partner your children your wider community, whoever it is, they will be grateful that they have you.

For some, purpose may be our legacy, the simple way we lived life, Learning Nurturing & Loving.

Purpose, or destiny, to follow on a path can be uncertain, unclear, yet we continue.

To give and not take, of love, knowledge, or service, it would be a dis-service to others.

If and when the time is right to move to the next area or purpose you will.

Opening your heart to Love and abundance, gives way to letting go of Fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, so you can receive the abundance of life and love which is there for us all to share and enjoy.

I personally believe Love is the key, when we help others we love the person we are, when someone helps us we feel Loved.

Giving and receiving Love is a part of our human psyche.

Paying it forward, and sharing it is a natural way of things.If you have enjoyed reading please share to someone who may need it.

Developing new skills and focusing and learning them is a great way to move forward

with things. I have 5. Free Strategy calls to Give away.

Like to book in for one of these half hour chats follow the link:

Blessings & Love Lucia x

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