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Stop Feeling Invisible! 

What we wear has an energy connection to the emotion and how we felt or feel when we are wearing a particular garment.

That energy is either low or high elevation, so depending on what we are wearing it will have an emotional charge or flow that does have an impact on how we feel.  


Women are extremely influenced by how they feel, I believe that how we feel is connected in every way to what we wear. 


I take women on a path of discovering, and empowering their intuitive style sense help them to manifest great energy and flow and utilize every garment in their wardrobe, whilst loving the beautiful body that has supported them. 

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Lucia's Story 

Tired of putting yourself Last? 

Women seem to do this so easily and without much though! 

Is their a conditioning around why we do this. 

Many clients I see, discuss this very topic when they come to me, they have a wardrobe of clothing yet much and many items do not work for where they are in their lives now. 

Supporting women to accept their wonderful bodies and to understand

that we need to nurture and foster a positive feeling about our body's and the shape we are, right now. 

Not wait for next week when we begin the regime that's going to lose us 10 kgs. 

Accepting ourselves as we are is the journey of Self Love and Self-discovery. 

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