Steps to your
Style Success Masterclass

"Confidence & positivity" YOU can create your own personal Body & Style, that Empowers you. 

Feeling confused tired like your wardrobe is full of nothing to wear? 

Want to take back your confidence and feel empowered about your body? 

Develop and grow personally so that you can help other women find a purpose

and voice in their life. 

Discover how to dress for your shape and to understand how colours & styles work in your wardrobe so that you save $$$ and no longer feel you have nothing to wear. 

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Join us to uncover what is stopping you achieve your desired wardrobe and style look!


Tired of having no confidence in your Style and Dressing choices? Join today to shift and have fun again with dressing to suit YOU! 

Discover how you can take steps to create a  style that will have you feeling empowered and confident with whatever you choose, step forward and take control.

Our mindset plays a strong role in life and learning to understand why we make the choices we do can help us to make changes, you will begin on a journey of discovery and finding your personal style. 

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Hi! I'm Lucia... 

Many women forget about their personal image of busy working mothers, nurturing everyone else. We get lost in and caught up in the day to day living. Forgetting how we would like to look and feel. That is why I've created these Steps to your Style  Success Masterclass.


This 6-week Steps to your Style Success  Masterclass is for women to stand in their personal strength, understand the changes they experience with their bodies. To be your guide to help women understand how important it is to feel good about themselves and that comes down to how we look. You can feel confident and empowered in what style resonates with your personality. 


Allow me to be that someone to help you through as you work on your transformation of mind, body, and style. Help you see that you are capable of being whom you desire.

As a Style Consultant Coach, I support Female Leaders to Rebuild their relationships with their bodies supporting them to feel Confident and Empowered. 

Love your Body, Find your Authentic Style!

Why is this Masterclass for you?


This Masterclass is an introduction to:

  • Wardrobe Strategy

  • Body Shapes 

  • Styles that Suit 

  • Accessories

Starts on the 21st September, 11 am AEST

Body Shapes

  • Clothes elevate our vibration.

  • Clearing clutter makes way for Abundance in all areas of life.

  • Understand how you can elevate and embrace your Intuitive state.

  • With colour and brand messaging, you can be easily recognised by your future clients.

Clothing Styles

  • Clothes have an effect on our Energy

  • How is your garment making you feel?

  • What message or thought is coming up for you around the colour?

My Styles

  • The Chakras are our connection to our life, energy, and vibration

  • Colour affects our energy and flow in our bodies

  • Putting together how you want to look Stylish & Confident

Yes, Count Me In!

Registration Fee $247 AUD

Thank you for registering!